Kyrillos Samaan

Kyrillos Samaan

11 years of enterprise and startup product design experience

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Kyrillos Samaan

11 years of enterprise and startup product design experience

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Kyrillos Samaan


Design Thinking at every level of the business & product lifecycle


Serious attention to visual detail and polished UI design


A background in dev, enabling fluent design/engineering collaboration

Current Co-Founder

Together is Better

Croo is a social wellness app that monitors a person’s mental wellness and triggers a series of alerts to trusted family and friends when their signal is low.

Croo infuses surprising & delightful ways to still let someone know that you're thinking of them when distance and social-distancing get in the way.

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Worked With
Fox Sports App
Recent Project
Fox Sports Australia
Principal UX Designer (1 Year, 8 Months)

We redesigned our flagship App from scratch


The new Fox Sports App was rebuilt from the ground up on both iOS & Android, all while leveraging the same APIs used across Web.


I was was able to drive every stage of the design process from discovery to design system implementation, hi-fidelity UI design and developer hand-off.

“I can't recommend Kyro more highly. He's a gun of a UX operator without any of the BS. He synthesises complex requirements and translates them in digestible formats whether it be the general team or the c-suite. In addition, I found Kyro to be super collaborative, proactive and generally solution oriented when trying to solve customer problems.”

Debs Majumdar
Debs Majumdar
Commercial Manager (Digital) at FOX SPORTS Australia

“During our time together at Fox Sports, Kyro proved himself to be one of the most knowledgable and personable people that I have worked with. He is a progressive, forward thinker who really knows how to empathise with users - the most important thing you can hope for out of someone in UXD. Kyro effortlessly listened to, synthesised and then expanded on the vision I had during Project Creed. A pleasure to work with.”

Jardian Ormsby
Jardian Ormsby
Head of Digital Product at Fox Sports Australia

“Kyro is a unique and special talent. We were lucky enough to have Kyro want to join us at a time of great change when the team was striving for more and better. Kyro was a huge part of making that possible. He has all the skills but it's his passion for humans (and fish!) that sets him apart. Kyro is adaptable and brings expansive thinking that goes beyond design.”

Barney Glover
Barney Glover
Head Of Digital and Innovation at FOX SPORTS Australia
Cancer Council Australia

Language and Information Architecture

IA relies on the interplay of three components to ensure meaningful, useful & efficient interactions:

  • Ontology: Establishing particular meaning.
  • Taxonomy: The way elements are organized or categorized to accomplish specific goals.
  • Choreography: Comes together when meaning (ontology) and categorization (taxonomy) interact with each other to create an experience.

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Recent Talk

Biology, Design Systems & Fish: How language Informs Intent

An exploration of how language can help us think differently about the problems that face humanity moving forward. Before we can begin to intelligently imagine the future, we must first learn how to speak about the future... Learn More

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Start Your UX Playbook: Designed Today Ep. 50

We explore the concept of #ChecklistThinking as opposed to Design Thinking. A reflection on how simply working through a checklist of research and design deliverables often results in poorly designed products.


Founder of

UXg was founded with the intent of bringing together the best UX Design education resources available in the most accessible and learning-friendly way possible.

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Interview May 2019

In Conversation With Kyro +

"...As the Senior UX Designer at Fox Sports Australia, we asked him some big questions on getting that first UX gig as a rookie, standing out in a saturated field, looking for inspiration in the right places and where the future of UX is headed..."

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