Frequently Asked Questions

Croo is a free and secure app that monitors a person’s mental wellness and triggers alerts to trusted family and friends (also known as your “croo”) when their wellness signal appears vulnerable.

Our company mission is to rid the world of loneliness. We do this by identifying a person in need and connecting them to supporting hands as soon as possible.

A wellness signal is an indicator of how a user’s wellness appears to be tracking based their responses to questions asked in the app. Wellness signals range from:

  • Strong
  • Good
  • Okay
  • Low

Wellness signals are indicators, not a formal diagnosis, and should be treated as such.

Croo uses machine learning to determine the right question to ask a user at the right moment. Croo asks three questions to users each day relating to biological, psychological and social factors of life. A user is also asked to self-assess their feelings in the moment. Combined, these four questions constitute the sum of a person’s wellness signal.

Only phone contacts can be added to your croo. If they’re not close enough to have in your phone book, they’re probably not close enough for you to share your wellness signal with. A person can also choose to leave a croo at any time.

Notifications are key to supporting peers in their moment of need. We recommend all users leave notifications on.

You can also look at the dashboard for your croo’s at any time to see how your family and friends are faring.

Yes. Profiles can be managed in the account settings pages.

No! Your safety and protection are important to us. Because we also believe that growth is an important part of our journey, we automatically delete a user’s wellness signal data after a year. Everyone deserves a fresh start.